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Ansell Excavating is dedicated to providing high quality land and lot development throughout the Okanagan Valley. With many years of experience we're able to conquer any piece of land regardless of the perceived difficulties. We handle projects that range from simple lot preps for utilities, pool digs, form preps, to landscape-style jobs for retaining walls and driveways, and full lot terraforming to turn land into your dream lot. Our service is more personalized than our competition allowing you to see your own fingerprint in the finished product.

Why Choose Ansell?

3rd Generation
Construction Company

Ansell has been in business for over 25 years. We’ve seen it all and have the knowledge to overcome the most challenging situations.

Commercial & Residential Background

We have an extensive background in both commercial and residential earthworks ensuring that every job is completed with accuracy.

Offering a Full Spectrum of Services

We offer a variety of services that go beyond the typical lot prep and development including road prep, basement digs, water, sewer, hydro installation as well as clean ups, and much more.

Top-Tier Customer Service & Support

We offer a high level of customer service and support. Our customers are treated with respect and our goal is to make their vision come to life.

Efficient and Talented Team Members

Ansell excavating handles jobs in a timely matter with a high degree of skill backed by over 25 years of experience at a finishing level dealing with all types of excavation.

Specializing In
Everything Excavation

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Scope Of Work


Contact us for an in-depth consultation on your specific needs and what you need from us to accomplish those goals as fast and as cost effective as possible.


We'll visit you on-site, obtain the necessary details, and ask you any relevant questions that arise from looking at the job in person. We'll follow up with a quote.


During the job, we keep in contact with you every step of the way. You will know the status of the work so that you’re aware of our progress from start to finish.


We finish the discussed project and make sure you are happy with the results We then take final payment along side of a completion certificate.